Sic Transit Gloria Mundi (Thus passes the glory of the world) expresses the idea that everything in this world is fleeting and that the earthly glory is ephemeral, reminding us that, however great and illustrious something may be, it will eventually fade away. In this case, is there any solid and stable fundament? The permanent principle behind all impermanent forms is God. But how can we turn something invisible to the human eye into something visible? 
With this project, I aim to emphasise that everything that exists in this world, no matter how mundane, is a trace of the divine and, therefore, points out to it and gives us glimpses of seemingly insignificant moments of our daily life that are essential to our human condition, with all that it entails: ephemerality, imperfection, fragility, beautifulness, ugliness...
Perhaps an awareness of this worldly imperfection would be necessary to enable us to face everything with a certain lightness. This may, possibly, allow the shedding of the vanities of materialism in order to later attain spiritual richness.

2023 - ongoing

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